*feel free to ignore this if it's too personal* From what you've posted on tumblr your job seems pretty rad so what is your job? And how did you get it?

nope, not too personal!  I do plant community ecology research…which means that until I start a PhD program (next fall, hopefully), I’m doing seasonal fieldwork and going wherever that takes me.  so generally, I move around a ton, live in pretty remote areas, and get to work out in the wilderness every day, which is pretty awesome.  right now I’m living out on guam/the northern mariana islands for seven months, researching the effects of mass bird extinctions on the forest ecosystem here.  I got this job via aggressively applying to every research project that interests me — ecological fieldwork is the shit, but starting a new position every few seasons means that I’m pretty much constantly applying for things hahah

The lights are on in your room so tell me, who’s your friend?
And the lights are burning in the little house on East End
And I remembered who I was and what I came here for
The moon was caught high in the branches of the sycamore

And on my neck, I felt the cold wind
And it licked around my ears and it asked me to ask you, who’s your friend?
And the lights came down over Pomona, blazed again before your front door
The moon was caught high in the branches of the sycamore

Well, I’ve always been certain, nearly all of my life
One day I’d be your burden and you would be my wife
Let me hang like a new moon, high in the wind
Let me hang like a new moon
Don’t treat me like a stranger again 

You keep me as a thief
Please let me be a little more 
When you fall asleep
Let me be what you’re dreaming for 

Jeff Tweedy & Baby Tweedy, just killin it.

The first time, the last time
All the times in-between

The first time, the last time
ll the times I would’ve liked there to have been

I can’t believe I chose the mountains
Every time you chose the sea

Downside: had to work all weekend.  Upside: this is my office.

Downside #2: not actually allowed to go in the water at this site because it’s in a restricted access section of the wildlife refuge and it’s “not fair if only the biologists get to swim there.” Upside #2: don’t care so beautiful.

With the midwestern sky burning above us
We lean up against the car
I want to tell you what the sky has done to me
I want you to tell me who we are

'Cause I see you raising the water to your lips
It’s the blazing dead center of July
And I got all my hopes hung on one gorgeous promise
And you got the sunlight dancing on your eyes

And I got the wind in my hair
And I’m far away from where I used to be
But I got all my attention fixed on you
And you’re just where you said you’d be
Just where you said you’d be